Novia Style photo doors

  • Novia cod. 166
    The rustic Larch sanded and waxed it also goes well with modern decor.

  • Novia cod. 168
    The set of larch sanded and waxed white with the colors of the glass make it light environment.

  • Novia cod. 133
    The clew rounded side stands the European Cherry waxed.

  • Novia cod. 150
    Sanded and waxed white Oak for this folding.

  • Novia cod. 150
    For this model with the clew arch is preferred to use the essence of Oak to bring a rustic environment.

  • Novia cod. 152
    The essence of Oak with glass inserts with this particular design to be able to immerse in living with nature.

  • Novia cod. 170
    The Walnut Color that creates a frame to the panel in elm stand where the curvature superiors.

  • Novia cod. 172
    The naturalness of the Elm that is invoked by the design of the glass inserted.

  • Novia cod. 160
    The Walnut Color has always been one of the finest woods and matched to any decor.

  • Novia cod. 162
    Always the Walnut Color and the combination of a glass with bright colors are a great choice to create movement of light in a room.

  • Novia cod. 180
    The processing to more curvatures in the upper part of the stud and the essence of elm for this model.

  • Novia cod. 182
    The design of the glass does appreciate the naturalness of wood which in this case still Elm.

  • Novia cod. 190
    The particularity of this model turns red lacquer from classic to modern.

  • Novia cod. 143
    The Ash combined with two openings for vertical ad'arredamenti combined classic and modern.

  • Novia cod. 145
    Two vertical panes for this model in Ash.

  • Novia cod. 140
    The essence of the Oak door with classic lines.

  • Novia cod. 142
    The elegance of etched glass window adorns this model in Oak.

  • Novia cod. 130
    Door with a mirror in Walnut color diamond for those who love the classic.

  • Novia cod. 132
    Door in walnut color with glass to give light to the.