5 Columns Novia Modern

  • Novia cod. 530
    The singularity of the New Wood black flame approached the skin and insert colorful beads to divide into parts symmetric central panel, all with the wax finish gives a visible naturalness of the product, to become an integral part excluded for circles and elegant .

  • Novia cod. 520
    The unusual Icy veins of Birch paired interweaving leather blue comes a beautifully designed for those who want a modern and prestigious.

  • Novia cod. 410
    The combination of Black New Wood and the New Zebrano Wood and with the insert in Vicenza stone accentuates the various shades of this model of door that goes well in environments where the furnishings you want a lot of details.

  • Novia cod. 409
    New Wood Black and Ebony with blasting colored stained glass and aluminum frame door of the classroom.

  • Novia cod. 409
    The simplicity of the maple natural waxed with caleido blue creates a unique elegance to the environment.

  • Novia cod. 408
    The simplicity of the maple natural waxed with caleido blue creates a unique elegance to the environment.

  • Novia cod. 408
    The special entral Caleido combined with the white Oak gives merit to it.

  • Novia cod. 407
    The teak with the central processing Wengè for those who love the warmth of wood.

  • Novia cod. 407
    White Oak with the particularity of the milling walnut bamboo arches.

  • Novia cod. 406
    Cherry completed by milled arches embellished by caleido blue.

  • Novia cod. 405
    The cherry wood and bamboo light inserted in routing operations gives shine to the environment.

  • Novia cod. 403
    The combination of wengè with caleido worked with diamond pattern.

  • Novia cod. 402
    The central design on white Oak and Wengè from the box which gives it working.

  • Novia cod. 401
    Maple with a harmonic pattern diamond pattern coated Wengè.

  • Novia cod. 400
    The essence of maple and wenge processing center stands where the linear movement of the router operations.

  • Novia cod. 370
    The horizontal machining of Teak with aluminum insert goes on modern environment.

  • Novia cod. 330
    The solution in Walnut and aluminum as the same details

  • Novia cod. 225
    Aluminum and Wood New Black creates a frame for this window composed of multiple types of sanding and staining.

  • Novia cod. 224
    Aluminium and European Cherry combine to create a piece of furniture that decorates.

  • Novia cod. 224
    The classic European Cherry with aluminum inserts that fits in a contemporary setting.h aluminum inserts that fits in a contemporary setting.

  • Novia cod. 222
    We chose New Zebrano Wood Gray and V50 to give more prominence to the geometry of the glass and the handle.

  • Novia cod. 221
    The peculiarity of the white Oak with aluminum finish creates an elegant setting.

  • Novia cod. 221
    The simplicity of white oak with a waxed aluminum inserts creates a port value.