For 25 years on the market, initially as a manufacturer of doors, windows and furniture, New Family, since the beginning of
its activity, supporting the original ideas of his young collaborators, has always focused on creating innovative products.

In 1991 the company decided to devote himself solely to the construction of wooden doors, engaging in a production that
differed from what  that, at the time, brought the market. After investing resources in the creation of numerous prototypes
and testing of adhesives vinyl, first in Italy, in 1991, of decided to use this type of adhesives for the veneer of the doors.

In 1994 he founded the line Novia, characterized by doors with rounded edge bar, and a single sheet of veneer.

From that moment on, the New Family designs and develops new models until the recent collection Antia, line-in ports
characterized by a marked trend design.

We come, therefore, to the years 2010, you can see our company to be able to once again amaze their customers with the
construction of the line Pedra, Photo the line of doors with rounded edge bar and fitted with a thin application of natural stone
granite, which no one had ever imagined to do.

We are proud of this achievement, which we consider a great achievement. With the same technique we are developing other
products for furniture, such as doors and shelves, with considerably less weight to the same massive natural stone products.

Today our company is producing formaldehyde in class F **** and refines its products with beeswax, allowing the wood
to maintain unchanged all its naturalness.