5 Columns Novia Classic

  • Novia cod. 128
    Aluminum and Wengè with inserts of transparent material are combined with modern environments.

  • Novia cod. 128
    Waxed Beech with inserts where transparency creates beams of light.

  • Novia cod. 127
    The lacquer enhanced by the inclusion of glass tiles.

  • Novia cod. 126
    The essence of Pear with inlaid burl creates a mix between the modern and the classic.

  • Novia cod. 183
    The special feature on the fabric in the center with the Cherry for a unique product.

  • Novia cod. 129
    The essence of Oak with working two bosses slats create a solution for an elegant.

  • Novia cod. 125
    The frame of the glass in one piece enriches the model in Walnut.

  • Novia cod. 124
    The bright colors of the glass makes this bright door in Walnut and burr Elm.

  • Novia cod. 122
    The central panel in Elm burl with Walnut to create a picture of elegance.

  • Novia cod. 122
    The use of burr Walnut combined with the California walnut to give a unique elegance to every creation.

  • Novia cod. 121
    For this pattern in Cherry lines are obtained from the various joints give prominence to the central part of the door.

  • Novia cod. 120
    The elegance of the Walnut for this linear model.