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Division PlakIID
Not only doors

PlakIID division of New Family turned to the production of curved elements or shaped, door panels and furnishings for Yacth, homes and luxury hotels and three-dimensional plating on behalf of well-known companies in the contract sector. Thanks to our experience in the plating riusiamo components to achieve highly. and complexes with a thin sheet of granite we were able to electroplate a small door hollowed with the four rounded sides getting a small door from the weight considerably lower and a better stability. Currently we are also planning products for the industry of fashion accessories .

Doors in class E0 - F****

In October 2005, we made a research laboratory to analyze the compononenti of a door mirror series Novia made with materials of low contenutoi Formaldehyde, the result of this analysis, we confirmed that the components are assignable to
F ****. This represents a significant step towards a series of products with very low emission of formaldehyde to give our customers products that are natural.
File analysis

interview on Per Voi Costruire

In the month of October 2013 was published in the journal Building For You Gold edition, magazine specialized in the construction sector aimed at designers and building industry professionals presented at the Saie 2013.
Interview pdf

New Family
for the social

New Family in the month of May 2012 he joined the Free Mobility Project of the town of Bolzano Vicentino and Astra Cooperative, contributing to the purchase of a van for the transport of disabled and people at a disadvantage of the city of Bolzano Vicentino.