Antia doors photo

  • Antia cod. 118
    The essence of New Wood black frames the central panel with ebony inserts cherry .

  • Antia cod. 119
    The sobriety of the New Black Wood is enriched by the inclusion of mosaic stone of Vicenza in the middle so that it creates a design unique style.

  • Antia cod. 115
    New Black Waxed Wood framed by the window sandblasted and engraved by hand .

  • Antia cod. 114
    The chance to use the New Black Wood waxed to bring out milling wavy .

  • Antia cod. 113
    New Cherry Wood waxed walnut with the particularity of simple drawing rectangles to embellish it.

  • Antia cod. 112
    New Wood Black that creates a frame to the central part of the arches in Ebony with wavy.

  • Antia cod. 112
    The elegance of Tek with the centrally Wengè stands where the wavy pattern.

  • Antia cod. 110
    The V50 with Zebrano inlay and curved trims in gray oak makes this port matched to qualsisi environment.

  • Antia cod. 110
    The elegant touch of oak inlay silver and the same frame brings out the color of Zebrano V50.

  • Antia cod. 107
    The special dell'etimoè and processing are combined in a modern setting .

  • Anta cod. 106
    The type of linear model performed in Etimoè creates a blend with the environment.

  • Antia cod. 105
    The essence of Etimoè with the particularity of the Walnut worked oblique staves creates a very elegant furnishings.

  • Antia cod. 104
    European cherry with elegance obtained with inlays in cherry and walnut.

  • Antia cod. 104
    The naturalness of the European Cherry combined with the simplicity of the aluminum with the touch of elegance included the same cherry and walnut.

  • Antia cod. 104
    The horizontal machining with inlaid Oak and Etimoè gives a touch of merit at the door.

  • Antia cod. 100
    The simplicity of the Ash also fits in the modern context.

  • Antia cod. 100
    For this model in ash and aluminum which creates a pleasant setting for the environment.

  • Antia cod. 100
    The White Lacquer considered the solution for any environment.