Our company has received recognition from Great Pragma Congressi, Italy that works, prestigious brand in the field
of entrepreneurial work. This popular Award has been recognized as a 'special Technical Committee between companies
who have distinguished themselves in the area carpentry genre, thanks to the merits of commercial reliability, professionalism
and morality that distinguish our company.
The official ceremony was held February 23 at the Congress Centre of the 'Venice Lido Hotel Eccelsior to
presence of important personalities from the world of business and media representatives. On this occasion there were
delivered the medal and 'certificate of merit.
The award, Italy working, born in 1979, aims to create a ot; umbrella brand for small and medium-sized
businesses, in order to protect and promote their image and see recognized their important role of axis
carrier in the 'economy of our country. Today this prestigious brand has been adopted by more than 25,000 Italian companies
work with him to his name to promote their business.